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Tricks, Treats and Helping Others

Tomorrow night the doorbell at our house will ring, the dogs will bark, and we’ll open the door to a chorus of “Trick or Treat!”  We live in a fabulous family friendly neighborhood and my husband Ernie and I know many of the kids.

And the kids know our dogs.  Ernie and I will try to guess who’s behind the devil, witch and princess masks while we put generous handfuls of our favorite chocolates in their plastic pumpkins.  And this year we’ll also be prepared with other treats: coins and dollars for UNICEF and canned goods for Harvest Hope.

We were surprised last year when we heard our first “Trick or Treat for UNICEF” and saw the bright orange box gripped in a tiny hand.  I scrambled to find money to put in the box while Ernie talked to the child’s parents.  The box stirred a memory and after the family left I told Ernie how my sister and I collected money on Halloween – each of us trying to outshout the other – when we were growing up.  Our UNICEF boxes were handed out in school and after the holiday returned to our class to be counted and sent to the organization.

Trick or treating for UNICEF provided us with our first lesson in making an ‘ask’ for someone else.  And today, UNICEF is still focused on saving and improving the lives of children; a mission all kids can get excited about and relate to. Tomorrow night I hope to see more kids collecting more than chocolate and, if they are, we’ll be prepared.

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