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Webinar Opportunity: The Art of Collaboration and Coalition-Building

Collaboration and coalition-building are often requirements of grant opportunities, but what does it take to effectively collaborate and build coalitions?

Join us on Wednesday, October 27 at 10 a.m. as Dana Powell, Community Engagement and Training Coordinator at Children’s Trust of South Carolina, shares the four P’s — People, Purpose, Process and Production — of coalition-building to make the work manageable and to move you closer to accomplishing the priority goals of your team.

At the end of this webinar, participants will better understand:

    1. How to engage People as potential partners
    2. How to collaboratively determine a common Purpose
    3. How to develop a clear Process for the work
    4. How to ensure the Production of positive outcomes

Watch the recording of the webinar here.

About the speaker:

Dana Powell has worked in leadership and organizational development for more than 20 years in both higher education and the nonprofit sector. She has engaged with communities at high levels through coalition-building and community mobilization while developing strong leaders to facilitate the work. Dana loves to create “a-ha” moments that shift organizational thinking around collaborative work. She has a Bachelor’s degree in English and secondary education and a Master of Education degree in Higher Education Administration. She currently works in the nonprofit field and is a speaker, trainer, and coach for The John Maxwell Team.