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Why Do We Vote? CCCF Staff Share Why They’re Voting in the 2020 Election

The Community Foundation celebrates and encourages civic engagement, especially voter participation. In that spirit, our staff members were asked to share either why they vote or why they feel voting is important.

They said:

It is imperative that I cast my vote to ensure that I have a voice in selecting the candidate that I feel will unite all Americans by upholding the values written in the Constitution. I want to vote for the candidate that will bring about equality for all Americans, provide an affordable healthcare system, and place a high focus on climate change in the United States. – Kim Turnipseed, Director, Finance

I feel that voting is not only a right and privilege but more importantly a duty.  I love our country and treasure being a part of democracy in action. – Kevin Patten, Vice President, Finance and Administration

Voting is an opportunity to stand up for issues you care about and make sure your voice is heard. It is one of our most important responsibilities as U.S. citizens. By voting, we can create a stronger community today and for future generations. – Cherise Arrendale, Director, Strategic Initiatives and Communications

I vote for those who would but cannot due to an inequitable system. Voting is just one action I take in hopes of justice for all! – Elizabeth Houck, Strategic Initiatives Associate

I voted through mail-in absentee ballot. Which is very convenient for people who don’t have time or are unable to go stand at the polls. After listening to the presidential candidate debates, that should compel everyone to vote. The debate gives you insight into the candidates’ beliefs and how they will run the country. You should vote for someone who would be the better president for the country overall that cares about all citizens. – Alexis Wood, Finance Associate

Voting is your chance to help choose your leaders. – Michelle Hardy, Vice President, Advancement

Voting is a chance to have your voice heard. – Mimi Slade, Advancement Associate

Voting is powerful. It connects me to my community and country and gives me hope for a better future. – Erin Johnson, Vice President, Community Investment

I voted because it is a privilege. I want my children to learn the importance of voting so they will exercise their right to vote when they are older. – Cortney Bailey, Program Officer

I think voting is important because it helps hold our country accountable for remaining true to the American people’s ideals. However small it may seem, every eligible voter has a voice, and it should be used! – Tabitha Simonson, Scholarships Intern

My vote is on behalf of the marginalized groups in this country who have been historically and systemically disenfranchised from the opportunity to exercise their right to have a say in what happens to them. – Maya Morris, Philanthropy Intern

The Community Foundation encourages everyone who is eligible to ensure their voice is heard and take time to vote before or on November 3.