Making Life Better in the Midlands

We work with our donors and partners to transform communities and change lives.

Since our inception in 1984, we have awarded more than $245 million in grants, touching nearly all aspects of life in our community.

Donor-Directed Grants

Most of our grants are donor-directed, meaning they are recommended by our donors who have set up charitable funds with the Foundation.

We work closely with our donors to provide tools and information so they can invest wisely in our community. Our team researches each nonprofit organization before a grant is issued and meets regularly with organizations across our region to learn about the impact of our donor’s grant dollars.

Competitive Grants

We provide administrative support to a number of corporations and donors in the Midlands, managing their competitive grant processes.


Community Impact Grants

Our Board of Trustees distributes grants from our community’s endowment each year based on four focus areas:

  • Increasing Livability

  • Building Nonprofit Capacity

  • Collaborations with Other Local Funders

  • Increasing Philanthropy In Our Region