Brace for Impact

Strategic Plan, July 2022-June 2025

Collaborative Philanthropy

High-impact philanthropy is based on understanding that no one organization and no one tactic can adequately address a significant community issue alone.

Central Carolina Community Foundation harnesses the collective resources of the community in a way that can mobilize action in areas vital to its long-term vitality and well-being. Over the next three years, we will implement a strategic plan to bring this model of efficiency and collaboration to life in the Midlands.

Three-Year Goals

Mission Innovation

We will continue to explore ways to promote, facilitate, and increase philanthropy to create a sustainable impact within our community.

Streamline Growth

We will evaluate and create policies and procedures that support the growth and long-term sustainability of the Foundation.

Relationship Building

We will expand and develop relationships within the communities we serve.


Our Manifesto

Free enterprise demands focused enterprises. And all the more when hearts fuel a venture. For while giving may be innately good, there is no such thing as innately effective. Impact must be engineered. Transformation, manifest. To reach its full potential, generosity must be levered on a fulcrum of analysis, insight and radical collaboration.

We are forged in precisely this crux.

Today, our community is poised to touch down in a new world of altruistic possibilities. One shaped by the essential work of dissecting need and harnessing resource. It’s the work that sharpens aptitudes. That builds coalitions and ignites action. It’s the work that suggests efficacy may be the greatest kindness of all.

It’s the work we live for.
Welcome to the future of philanthropy in the Midlands.
Brace for impact.